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Calorie Calculator & Tracker


Calorie Calculator & Tracker gives you complete access to count and check your calorie consumption and destruction. Through this app you can easily check and keep a record of your food consumption, number of calories you have taken and also a record of total calorie burn. Calorie Calculator & Tracker is an app that gives you completes solution of your almost all health problems, including diet consumption, calorie gain, calorie destruction, total energy gained and how much energy or calories you need. This app is highly useful for people who are planning to lose or gain body weight, who are on special diets, patients who need to limit food consumption and patients that are asked to keep their diet tabled and scheduled. Even if you are normal and healthy person you should take care of your health that is based on what and when you are eating. Calorie Calculator & Tracker gives you ultimate features that to keep your health in good and excellent condition:Food DiaryGive complete information about different foods and food items, including calorie count and energy gain. PedometerThe pedometer sensor in Calorie Calculator & Tracker gives you authentic and accurate results that a real pedometer gives. Now you can count and check how many calories you have taken and how many have you have burnt through this app. Food Craving The app is designed as per diet physicians and medical specialists. Food craving feature helps you in knowing and controlling your cravings without letting you suffer for food. We have induced significant methods that give you reliable check and balance towards cravings for food. ReminderFood is better than drugs and medicines. Reminder is a smart feature of Calorie Calculator & Tracker that reminds you what you have to eat or take to keep yourself fit and healthy. If you are on special diet than just add your routine diet in reminder schedule and let it work for you. Food Challenge Eating something opposite of your likeness is always been hectic and awful, but food challenge feature helps you in eating your dislikes in optimum way. MotivationsHuman learn things from each other, there are hundreds of motivational stories and tools in this feature of Calorie Calculator & Tracker that will help you in getting the target you have set to achieve.